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Insurance provides financial compensation in the event of damage to property (goods) in both national and international transport. Property is covered by insurance for the entire transportation route, if needed – even during the necessary handling and temporary storage during the normal course of transportation.

What can be insured?

Insurance covers transported property in respect of which the policyholder, in accordance with contractual arrangements:

  • bears the risk of accidental loss, defect or damage during transport, or
  • is obliged or ordered to insure the property on another person’s account (third party’s account).

How can the insured property be transported?

Insurance may cover property in the transport of any kind, i.e.:

  • road,
  • rail,
  • inland waterway,
  • sea,
  • air,
  • combined or containing the elements aforesaid,
  • provided by a professional carrier (professional transport) or by the policyholder or the insured (own transport).

Insurance cost:

If the value of the property does not exceed PLN 50,000.00, cargo insurance shall amount to PLN 50 net, which is added to the final invoice for the transport provided.

If the value of the property exceeds PLN 50,000.00, the cost of insurance is calculated as follows: the value of the property x 0.0012.

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